Horses are our Hobby

An addition to our farm has arrived. "Doc" came to us in October 2006 from Yakima. We don't know much about him but we are getting to know him while he gets to know us. Doc is a Thorobred and Quarter horse mix (We think) he is 16.2 hands and very gentle.
Sassy an Arabians 14.2H mare with wonderful ground manners. She can be a little high strung when ridden, but a really wonderful horse.

Dan's horse is Kizzy (Kismet Fotune). He is 1/2 Arabian and 1/2 appaloosa. He stands 15H is a dark bay with a white blaze. He is a little stubborn and needs a little more handling than we are giving now. When he runs he carries his head and tail like an Arabian and is beautiful to watch. In his stall he is all appaloosa.

OK Now I have talked about them .. I guess it time to show you some pictures.

Doc 2006
Kizzy and Dan 2004 Friend and Diann 2004
Kizzy 1999 Kizzy and Diann 1999
Sandy 1987 Sandy in the Snow 1985
Missy and Diann Kizzy and Diann

Diann's first horse was Missy.  Missy was a 8 year old mare
with a little to much spirit for a beginner.  Missy was sold and since has has passed away.

Sandy Amigo was a beautiful geld we owned for a while. Sandy was a Registered Quarter Horse and buckskin. He is Registered both American and International Buckskin. Sandy is 20+ years old and stands 15.3H. Talk about a mellow horse. That was Sandy. He was just easy to work with and a pleasure to be around. Since we have sold him, we have lost track of who owns him now. So if you see this horse, drop us a line and let us know who is owner is.

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