Needle in the hay stack, OOOCH Needle Found

    Found Mark Gustave Anderson. He was stationed onboard the USS Laffey from the day the ship was commissioned until the end of the War. The USS Laffey was in Seattle for repairs after surving a Kamakaze attach on 16 Apr 1945. Mark was injured in the attack, but returned to the ship on May 22nd just days before it sailed to Seattle. Mark was a good looking man from Brooklyn New York and during the ships stay in Seattle, Mark met Vivian Hawkins. From their relationship Diann Louise Beck was born 1 Jun 1946 -- (You do the math) -- Mark sailed with the Laffey on 6 September 1945 headed to San Diego. Neither Mark nor Vivian knew Diann would be comming. Their lives never crossed again. For many years Diann wondered who her father was and in later years started to seach for him with only bits of information provided by family members of Diann mother, the hope of finding him were slim. However with the guidance of God and continues research Mark's family was located. Mark had passed on in 2007 never knowing he had a wonderful daughter. Diann mother had also passed way taking many secrets of her relationship with Mark with her. Mark's family has opened their arms and heart to Diann making her feel as one of the Anderson Clan. We thank God for the wonderful reunion of souls that had been apart for so many years. If you knew Mark, please contact us and share your memories of him, Dan Hebert

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