Catherine Flickinger

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"Give ear, O my people to my law, incline your ears to the words of my mouth. That the generation to come may know them; even the children which shall be born; who shall arise and tell them to their children" - PS. 78:6

Catherine Flickinger , 1803-1888, A native of Somerset Co., Pa., Catherine, in 1823 married Charles Bennett. They were a farming family of Somerset Co., where their first 4 children were born. In 1831 they migrated to Wayne Co., Ohio where 4 more children were born. And in 1841 they moved westward to Leipsie, Putnam Co., Ohio. where their ninth child was born. Their settlement at Leipsie was in the virgin forest. The nearest neighbor was three miles distant and the nearest grist mill was at Tiffin. Other mills were at Defiance and Lima. It generally required eight days to make the round trip with ox team.

Indians were frequent visitors at the home, and the howl of the wolf at night was often heard around the cabin. The family endured all the privations and hardships usually incident of life on the frontier. These experiences had the good effect of producing sturdy men and women, the type needed for the speedy development and improvement, of what is now one of the finest agricultural section of our land.

Catherine in youth was a German Reformed. At Leipsic she and her husband became United Brethern; and when it was disbanded, Church of the Brethern. Charles had a remarkable memory and good command of language. Adhering strictly to the truth he expressed his views with an emphasis that brooked no denial. He greatly enjoyed friendly discussion of the facts and doctrines of the Bible. He was so familiar with the parables, miracles and narratives of the Bible that some ministers remarked it was embarrassing to them to preach before him.

Charles and Catherine were both devout and generous. Their home on the frontier was used a number of years as a place for public worship on the Sabbath. Their hearts were gladdened by seeing their children making choice of the people of God to be their people, like Ruth of old; and the church of God to be their regular place of assemblage for public worship, on the recurrence of the weekly Sabbath; and Bennett, ordained to the full work of the gospel ministry. Both lived to a good old age, died and were buried at Leipsic, Ohio; Charles at 72 in 1875 and Catherine at 85 in 1888.

M ary Jane Bennett, born 1835, the sixth child of Charles & Catherine. In 1852 Mary Jane married Andrew Beckford, a Civil War soldier, who was captured in the battle of Chicamauga and died in Libby Prison in 1863. Mary died at 68 in 1903. She was the mother to 6 children with 3 proceeding her in death as infants. (All where born in Leipsic, Ohio) From the union of Mary and Andrew came Martha Ann Beckford.

M artha Ann Beckford was born July 23rd in 1855. In 1872 she wedded John A. Santmire, who was born in 1852 and died in 1898. Martha and John had 14 children, George Sylvester, Lilly Mary, John, Anna Florence, Charles Rufus, Arwildia Jane, Blanch May, William Henry, Rosie Neli, Parker Nelson, Howard Elmer, Ethel Myrtle, Merle Watson, Cloyce Dewey. Ethel Myrtle Santmire married Guy Veron Spayth 14 April 1915. And the rest is history as we know it.

This touch of history was taken from the book "The Flickinger Family History". Records and Tributes from materials gathered by Robert Elliott Flickinger, A.B., B.D. Pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Fonda, Iowa, 1886-1902.

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